The Experience during March, 11 in Japan

By Chusnul Arif

Dept of Global Agricultural Sciences

the University of Tokyo

On Friday March 11, 2011 around 2:30 pm Japan has encountered the largest earthquake disaster with magnitude 9.0. I was in third floor, Building no.2, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, the University of Tokyo. Then, I run a way to outside without jacket even if the temperature was low. Earthquake hit several times, and the security of campus suggested us to stay in the football area behind building no.2. Hereafter, I heard that 10 m tsunami destroyed the east coast in Northern Eastern Japan, in Iwate and Fukushima Prefectures.

When the earthquake looks stopped, I went to my room in fourth floor. I was surprised that almost my books in the floor, fortunately my laptop still in my desk and can work well. Then, I read the online news and got info that almost trains were stopped and could not operated as usual. That’s mean I must walk to going home or stayed in campus. After discussed with my friends from Indonesia, we decided to stay. Fortunately, Campus provided the place to take rest in the building no.7 (as I remember), in Faculty of Engineering.

The day after, we decided to go home. Unfortunately, the schedule of the trains was irregular. So, we walked together to Ueno station and we boarded the train until Minami-Senju. Our destination was Ayase (Adachi-ku), so we walked from Minami-Senju to Ayase. I was really impressed to the building construction in Japan. I didn’t see building collapsed by the largest earthquake the day before during our walking trip.

One or two days later, I heard the issue regarding nuclear radiation from Fukushima nuclear reactor, Dai-Ichi reactor. This reactor was broken by the tsunami and raised the new problem of nuclear radiation. By this problem, I heard many foreigners decided to leave Japan including my Indonesian friends. I have decided to stay with unclear information. I was happy when I received email from my professor that he suggested me to stay at home and don’t go to campus until the information clear. However, the issue of nuclear radiation caused the situation was unstable and my family asked me to leave Japan.

With unclear information, I still stayed at home for several days after. I was worry about the contaminated food and water since there was information regarding contaminated tap water in Tokyo area. Although, there was lecture about nuclear radiation in the campus, but I still felt that many people worried about it. Almost every day, I have monitored the radiation level in Tokyo and Ibaraki from the website.

March 11, 2011 was unforgotten experience during my life. I felt strong shaking by earthquake and then nuclear radiation issue. I hope my body is clear from radiation (^-^) until current day. From this experience, I hope the University prepared the clear guidance for us particularly the clear information what should we do if we faced to unexpected disaster and unclear information.

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